Blog #1 for ENG F314

While first reading the syllabus that was assigned to my online English class it took me a second to really figure out the website. Not so much because it was confusing or difficult to navigate, but mainly because it is different from Blackboard Learn. It is a modern looking page with five light bulbs hanging as the background picture which seems pretty symbolic of the new ideas we are trying to accomplish by enrolling in this type of English class. Within the context of this website it contained our syllabus, a crucial part to any college class. I learned three things during my read of the syllabus; that we will be using multiple programs (Google, Twitter, WordPress, etc.) throughout the year, that we are expected to put 9 hours of time into the class per week, and that final grades will be rounded up at 0.5 (sweet!).

While reading though, I did find myself stuttering as I was a touch confused in two aspects of this syllabus. What does the term “asynchronous” mean (as it was used repeatedly) and the second being the setup for these different programs we are using. I don’t think I have ever felt so simple as to when  I constantly switch back and forth from program to program and need to keep watching the YouTube videos for their introductions. It’s pretty humbling to say the least, but it is proving to be quite entertaining for anyone around to hear my outbursts. This blog isn’t all bad though because there has been one “ah-ha” moment…when I figured out what asynchronous means! “Asynchronous- (of two or more objects or events) not existing or happening at the same time”.

Throughout the course I am sure that we will be covering a multitude of topics that could range anywhere on the spectrum, but two that I hope to see is any sort of sports related writing assignment and possibly one “hot topic” such as; our recent election, gun control, marijuana legalization, or anything that is constantly in the news but not many people want to discuss it calmly. I would like to see the sports topic for my own personal enjoyment as I love talking about all aspects of sports whether it is professional teams or the effect team and individual sports can have on a child. The “hot topic” is something I feel is good for classes to discuss because it takes practice and time to figure out the right methods for discussing these sort of topics without getting personally attached to individual ideas. I think it is good for a class to be able to explore their opinion on a matter and be able to work through their thoughts on paper while being calm and not have this escalate into a heated moment (which tends to happen in a normal discussion). Plus I think its fun to read others’ opinions on the matter and read their rationale behind it.

When this course is all said and done I think three goals that I will keep in mind are; to achieve an “A” in the course, become more comfortable with differing types of online formats, and to be able to write a cover letter for myself that I am comfortable with. These goals are personal to me because I feel they will help me in my professional life as well as my academic life. Hopefully by the end of this course I will have achieved all three and can walk away with more knowledge that I entered the class with.


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