Self Reflection

In terms of my actual writing itself I can’t really say my style or voice has changed much. However one major thing that I did come to realize over the course of this class was that it is infinitely easier to write up an essay or paper if I look up the information myself. In the past when I wrote for my class I would be given the sources I needed to use and my only significant input was how I chose to interpret it. Having to look up my own sources and determine their validity helped me gain a deeper understanding of how to write an accurate paper, and how to judge the accuracy of something I’m reading.

Beyond that I also realized that having people I can “bounce” off of helps me focus my thoughts. In our final group project I would tell my group members what I was planning to write and they’d give me feedback that helped me fine tune.

Overall I can say that I’ve grown as a writer (at least in an academic sense) and will be able to ensure a proper tone and focus in my future writing.


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