3a367d1a34e9c7d03db4785b82b6bfcfI think that one choice I made was my tone of voice. I decided to write in a “blogger-ly” fashion. There were plenty of times that what I wrote could’ve been written in a more academic tone, but considering the public audience, I decided to veer away from that. I also did not want to write too personally, since many readers are people I don’t know and have no personal connection with. My goal was to find a happy medium. I think this was best exemplified in my final coffee post. Although I went into some great detail, especially discussing business sizes, I tried to make it easy to read.

I also tried to find new ways of looking at familiar things. This can be seen in both the Northern Lights (for Alaskans) and coffee. Based on the comments and feedback that I have gotten, this was successful. I think my audience really appreciated this approach to my blog posts.

My final goal was to incorporate more images in my blogging. I always appreciate blogs that take advantage of the media because it helps with the setting of the writing, but always found mine lacking. I think I stretched myself this semester and found plenty of imagines that people enjoyed seeing.

6 thoughts on “Reflections

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    I just wanted to reblog this to my blog so that my followers can see what I’ve been up to over the past semester. Please look around when you trackback to see all the other posts done by myself and my classmates. Also, please leave plenty of constructive and encouraging comments. Thank you all for reading, and more to come soon!


  2. Knowing the tone of voice you want to use and the audience you’re trying to reach is very important for any writer. The tone that would work for an academic paper might not work on a blog and vice versa. Being able to strike a balance between what you want to do and what is expected of you is an important skill and one that serves you better the earlier you learn it.

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  3. I think when it comes to a writing tone, having a good medium between a personal expression and professional tone is always delicate balance people try to achieve. Ultimately, it’s all about finding a good medium to stick with that can both be appreciated and understood by the audience of multiple circles. Accessibility is something that a writer will want to shoot for, in anything, so making a hybrid voice of professional and personal means is always something I think is important, it allows you to connect with what you are talking about, and allows the audience to connect with as well. After all, writing in a bare sense is simply an author trying to connect with a reader out there somewhere no?


  4. I think it’s very interesting that you chose to write in a more friendly tone than an academic/scholarly one. It’s always seemed to me that whenever people get into a new college writing course, they try to have a more professional tone since we all know they just want to get a good grade. But as I’ve seen with this post and also many other posts (including mine even) this course has allowed each and everyone of us to take a unique course of action when it came to changing how we write sometimes. I think I distinctly remember you talking about this at the beginning of the year and I think I’m going to have to check out your coffee post to see how it turned out for you.


    • You do have an interesting point that the freedom in the topics of this class also seems to have encouraged a freedom tonally (is that a word?).
      Also, I look forward to seeing a comment from you on my coffee posts.


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