I believe that my biggest decision in writing for this class is actually the way I write. I’ve been told in other classes that my writing style is very fluid and conversation like. This has allowed my writings to be simple to read for classes such as that needed for English. But, extraordinarily difficult for my technical writing intensive classes such as engineering lab write ups. That is why when I started doing my analysis and research for this class I wanted to do a hybrid writing style.

Originally I was looking to improve my technical writing skills when I started this class. But upon hours of reading and research academic articles filled with monotonous text and laboring over the meaning of dry and dull sentences I realized that people don’t like to read this. At least no normal person unless they like eating tree bark; and so I started writing with a little bit of both. Just enough for the people to get cold concise and credible information but in a way that allowed them to understand it without referencing the Rosetta Stone.

After receiving comments from my piers I think that my gamble payed off. What I received was mostly acceptance and likability. That is one of the main reasons I kept with this going into the final project. Because I feel that most people going to the university want to be engaged and really get into what they are reading. And so having the factual and concise information mixed in with my easy going explanations really put into context what my project was intended to be.

Lastly I feel since I was doing this assignment for a more social setting I was successful. However, if this was going to be for anything academic then I would be better suited to separate my commentary from the text and have it as a side note. This being said during my first project I did meddle in this with my story. Having completely written it out first I did end essay annotations. Although the annotations weren’t written in a true academic format I feel that if I had done some tampering I could have made it more refined.

Overall I think this class helped me as a whole with becoming a better writer. The involvement of everyone in the class and the comments that showed thorough effort to analyze our work really gave weight to what each one of us was doing. To note alongside that is the fact that our work actually meant something. What I mean is with our projects being posted in the library people will be able to see this and learn something from it. It won’t just go in the trash as a “grade” and that is what really stood out from me in this class.


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