The main choice I made in this class was to stick with the scary topic. I made this decision simply because people do not always like to look at the scary, yet I do. I find that the scary is often forgotten and even ignored when in reality, it should not be. I think this decision was good and bad. I was able to write a “scary” story and by receiving feedback on it; I learned that I am not all that good at writing scary stories. If I were to have taken a different path and write something that was good with no bad intentions, it may have turned out better. I will never know though, because I did not take that path. Yet, everyone is their own worst critic. If I were to have created a story that was all flowers and roses like the princess stories, I could have possibly made more connections with people. This would have changed the audience that was reading the story and the public project. People who are interested in the scary and sad stories, stop to read it while people who are not, continue walking till something happy comes along. The audience completely changes if I change the baseline of the story, that I created.

Every decision I made in this class had feedback which helped me stick with the decision I made originally. I enjoyed that we were able to make our own decisions and be guided by the feedback given by fellow students and our teacher.

This class did not just help me look at all the possible outcomes, but it helped my writing. I have learned how to make better connections among stories and even how to create new connections among several stories allowing for better connections with the audience. I have greatly enjoyed this class and even towards the end, I began to come out of my shell.


One thought on “Reflection

  1. As I’ve said now in a few different posts, I feel that as the author, you should do what makes you happy. Then after you’re happy with the product, then try to tailor it a bit to possibly make the audience happy as well. A lot of Americans seem to always want to stick with the happy ending scenario (especially in movies) but we seem to forget that this isn’t always realistic that EVERY story ends in a happy fashion. I know a lot of movies over in Europe will end in what we may call a sad ending, but for Europeans, they think it’s weird that we always want things to end in a good way. Kudos to you for sticking with what you wanted to do.


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