I definitely felt that in this class I dramatically changed my writing style. I don’t know if in part due to workload in this class and others or whether it was out of not knowing what I was going to do as the final project. I ended up working in steps when normally I would work all at once and just get it done, usually in a time crunch. Instead of crunching all of the project into one I broke it up into different “mini projects”. To me working in steps ended up being less frustrating for me at times. I could focus on the one “mini project” of the writing and not worry about an impending doom. It made my aim more directed. I could really care about one part (the story) of the writing and leave the rest (annotations) to worry about for another time. In a way I feel like that it made the class more enjoyable for me.

Something that was difficult for me was knowing what type of a tone to use. I personally feel that reading creative writing is more engaging but that is my own opinion so I tried to use an academic tone. Using an academic tone when required proved difficult for me because I am one of those writers that can suffer from extreme writers block some days.

Something I felt that I struggle with is working in a group, with all of the group work in this class I got to the point that I didn’t dread group work quite so much. I liked how I got to work on the same project as a group of people but also be doing so on one focused aspect.


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