6 Reflection

In my combination of the three stories regarding the use of Bow-and-Arrows in the terms of fiction and justice, I let subtle associations slip through requiring the reader to think critically about all four stories together to fully understand. This could have hurt the communication of associations, but overall I believe the targeted audience would mostly make the connections. My favorite connection I made was that of helping those in need, I’m my story, Gaillus helped a young girl in the woods, by fending off her attacker. Later near the end of his life, She granted him the thanks he was never recognized for in the past, by naming her child after him. This shows, that in time, the good we do will be recognized in time. Maybe not with grand things such as parades or feasts, but something as humble and honorable as having a child named after you, by someone who knows all the good that was done. I believe that it also may have been difficult for a more modern focused audience to see the importance behind having a child named after you. In the time of swords, and shields the naming of a child was just as honorable as being knighted by the queen. While this didn’t have the rights to land and slaves/servants. It was quite honorable for one to offer this to you. Most people focused on today would not understand this importance, thus this was a low point in this decision.


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