The major choice I decided to take in this class, as opposed to my other writing classes was to completely utilize the option for multiple drafts. I am the type of writer that analyzes the topic at hand, and what to write about, for quite some time, but when I start writing, it just flows out.

Most of the time, when I feel good about my writing, I will make minor changes between the second draft, third draft/final draft. I NEVER made major changes to it because I already felt good about it, why change it? I have to say, now looking back, those pieces never went through the whole process to make it a really good piece of writing. Good writing is relative, but they all have one thing in common; a hard journey to get it to where it is today. Sure, I thought it was good, but the process wasn’t there.

In the collective stories project, I decided to take the risky jump of majorly changing it between the second draft and the final draft. To be honest I wasn’t feeling too good about my first draft and the direction I was taking on it, so that was the deciding factor. I decided to write a whole new paper, but in the end it was better than if I kept the old direction.

Since this first risk, I was a little more courageous. In the final project my topic was polar bears. My group-mate anad I went through many different ideas that had no connection what-so-ever and just make an augmented reality on different facts. After we talked to the Professor, it was brought to our attention from an outside view, that we probably should make the topic more narrow.After that, we had to do some major re-directing, but it worked out in the end. The finishing product was BY FAR better than the direction we were headed before. It was also way sweeter because we actually felt like we gave our all in the new revision of the project.

Thanks to this class solely, taking risks in writing are really put into perspective. C’mon, is there even such thing as a true dangerous risk in writing an essay?


2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Finding different perspectives on your work is always tough, especially for huge projects like the museum final. There’s so many different audiences to think about, from age to gender to interests, and so on, but I felt like your work definitely succeeded in what it was trying to show! Sometimes, all we need to do as writers or creators is to take a moment to consider things from another perspective, to think about why exactly we write what we do. Even just getting a parent, spouse, or friend to look at something can give you a whole new interpretation, or just taking a day off and using a fresh pair of eyes to look over a project.


  2. Oh trust me I know what you mean. It can be very difficult to start a new draft when you’ve become attached to what you’ve written. Though from experience I know it results in a better piece of writing, it can be hard to scrap the draft that you spent who knows how long crafting. Learning to let go of that attachment is definitely one step towards becoming a better writer because each new draft simply improves upon the last.


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