For this class, I chose to write with an academic tone. I feel that if my writing had been directed at my friends, the tone would have been more relatable and even persuasive because if the writing would have felt personal and unpretentious and the reader would be more likely to take it seriously and be open minded towards it. In this class, all my topics ended up being almost entirely fact based, which made for less interesting final projects that didn’t allow me to look into different perspectives of the topic, including my own. I think that if I were able to add my voice to the project, it would have added a lot to the writing. I am still figuring our how to do that while retaining a professional tone though.

This class also made me realize that I need to enter a project with a topic I’m really interested in before I begin writing. In the future I need to make sure I know where I’m going with that topic, that I have enough information available to really explore it, and that I actually care about my subject. In similar future assignments, I think it would be best for me to choose a topic that I can take a stance on, therefore my passion and emotion about the issue would come through to the readers and balance the factual side of the paper. I also feel that if I do have biases about a subject I’m writing about, as long as the opinionated side of it is clear and doesn’t bleed into the research section, and that I am straight forward about what my opinions are and why I feel that way, the readers are more likely to trust the writing and take it seriously. I think that this kind of writing would have also made me feel more invested in the project. 


3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. I definitely understand what you mean when it comes to being professional, yet still casual and interesting. There needs to be a proper balance between the two; being too professional doesn’t make for an interesting read, and being too personal doesn’t get anything factual across. I’d suggest finding something that interests you to write about more often, something that isn’t necessarily biased in one direction, perhaps like video games, literature, or sports; a topic that you can talk a lot about and feel convicted to give your experiences on. Having experience with a topic can help your language remain casual and interesting, and having tidbits and facts makes it all the more professional. Finding your voice is essential, so good luck!


  2. I fully agree with having a clear purpose in your writing and a topic you understand and enjoy. A lack of one or both can result in writing that is simply uninteresting or hard to read since it will usually come off as clinical (unless you’re a doctor or scientist, you do not want your writing called clinical). Personal bias is something that is hard to eliminate from your…everything really, but knowing how to recognize it and mitigate it will take you that much closer to being a good writer.


  3. In my mind, the voice always depends on the audience you are trying to address. For this class, as an academic writing class using unconventional methods of portraying information, I agree that a more professional tone was beneficial, but as far as trying not to allude to bias or persuasion, I think in whatever you do, bias does play into it. No matter how un-sided your language is, depending on the topic, you may alienate someone regardless. For my personal writing style, I prefer a casual professional approach, I do keep mindful of the topic without going into slang or using terms that reveal my bias, but at this point, I write in a way that usually makes me most comfortable with the topic, if it’s blog post, I write what exactly is on my mind at the time, because it’s a blog, anyone can read it, so I feel there’s no reason to be overly formal with people who are reading a blog. In any case, all I can suggest is to find your happy medium in presenting yourself and your facts without going fully into a personal or professional sphere.


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