Blog Post 6: Reflection

One choice that I made in my writing for this course was to write more politically than I have ever in the past. This choice was influenced in large part by my interest in historical political decision making. In my paper on Romulus and Remus, I discussed the relationship between religion and politics and the dangerous consequences of fanaticism and extremism. My goal was not to offer a panacea, but to explore the historical reasons behind radical beliefs/rhetoric, why they eventually questioned and collapse, and what kind of society could potentially replace them after the dust settles. One consequence of my writing is readers become aware of issues and perhaps begin to think about them more critically. A negative consequence is the usual social rejection or ostracizing by readers/peers who would prefer to never confront reality and continue to live in a dreamland. If I had been writing for an audience that wanted me to tell them what they wanted to hear then I would not have made this choice. Instead I would have sugarcoated, pandered and made reassurances all the while ignoring the issue or would have chosen a different topic entirely.


One thought on “Blog Post 6: Reflection

  1. I definitely have to commend you for taking up such a controversial (maybe not controversial, but that was the only term I could contrive) issue such as politics. It seems to me that in college everyone is either so far on the left, or so far on the right. No one seems to be able to have a friendly discussion about politics anymore, it just seems to devolve into butting heads together or being a screaming match. It really does suck, because I know I like to sometimes make jokes about both sides of the aisle (because naturally I like to deal with serious things in a lighthearted/joking manner) and have been yelled at someone for doing so. It makes me want to just say, “Chill out dude.”


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