Reflection Blog Post

One choice I made that changed my writing this semester was that I wanted to try and write with more emotion. I did this because I feel like I’m decent at writing in a professional and analytical manner, but I wanted to change that since this class focused more on myths, legends, etc. and I wanted to be able to inflect my own voice into my writing. Like my Paul Bunyan story for example, I knew that I would have to be crafty in my own retelling of this iconic American classic. In order to do this, I had to convey myself into my own work somehow. I figured that since I have a propensity to blow things out of proportion, that I should use this facet of my personality as an inspiration for how I retold Paul Bunyan. I did this by making him extremely tall (~9 feet tall) and I also made him smoke so much that he completely enveloped the land around him in a smoky haze and caused the animals to think it was almost winter. So in that way, I was able to inflect a little bit of myself into that project. The only reason why I had made this choice was because that I knew my peers wouldn’t necessarily criticize me for doing it, and also because blowing things out of proportion is something that is very commonplace in the Paul Bunyan legends. Had this project been for a public audience, I feel like I would have made my retelling a little more realistic because I wouldn’t have known who my audience was and that’s just something that I do when I’m not sure who I’m addressing through my work. I don’t know why I would do this but that is most likely the course of action I would take if I was writing for a different audience, writing in a more professional manner, since perhaps as I stated earlier, I wouldn’t probably know the audience nearly as well as I know all of you guys. I feel that because of the Paul Bunyan project I did, it made me become a little more better at being able to convey my emotions (somewhat).


One thought on “Reflection Blog Post

  1. I think that in this class everyone probably got better at blurring the line between academic and creative writing. Using stories of folklore like Pual Bunyon and still coming off as professional is a difficult task. It seems like maybe the project helped you become a little more confident in expressing your own personality throughout your writing, which is great.


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