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In my annotated retelling, I chose to combine two stories that contain gun violence, and ended up writing mainly about police brutality. I think the choice worked out well because, although it the annotated retelling was using stories, it was still an academic assignment. By using a more serious topic, I think it was easier to bring an academic tone and analyze important current events. Because of the topic that I chose, I needed to do much deeper research and fact check, rather than focusing on the storytelling/creativity aspect of the paper. The format of annotating my essay was helpful, because I was able to put in my own thoughts, as well as statistics/anecdotes that added weight to the stories.

My topic choices probably would have been different if I was writing for a different audience, for example, if it was being posted at the museum. I don’t think that people visiting an Alaskan museum would want to read about police gun violence. It wouldn’t really go with the tone of the exhibits at all. If I was planning to present this at the museum I would have had to choose a completely different topic that centers on something more Alaskan.

Choosing a true story of a police shooting that has such a serious tone required me to be respectful of what actually happened. I didn’t want to change it too much from the real story. It forced me to spend more time analyzing things like the effect of this particular story, how it was influenced by that fact that many people had cell phones and recorded the shooting, and delve into some other racial issues in todays society. Choosing to write about this definitely made me make sure that I was presenting my information in a fair and true way.


3 thoughts on “Reflection Blog Post

  1. I think that the police retelling was very impacting. the biggest thing that I would note is how you were able to tell the story in a manner that i have never read before. Most stories like this a just cut and dry front to back. however, in your retelling you have this sort of live stream of annotations that keep you there in the moment with the story. you get to see what it is like to be apart of the story and I think that is what stood out to me the most. the choice of article was also very well thought. with the news talking about police brutality constantly I thought that your story brought a fresh look into a major concern that we have out there.
    – Coleman Smith


  2. I never got to read your story, but by the sound of it, I imagine it was quite thought provoking since it was about police/gun violence. I haven’t been keeping up with the news recently, so I don’t know if there have been any more high profile cases about it. But I’m glad that someone decided to try to tackle a very controversial subject such as this. I feel like the story definitely would be prevalent in a state like Alaska since so many gun owners live up here. I know people don’t like to talk about it in fear of upsetting someone else’s feelings, so I must commend you for taking that leap across the culture barrier to shed some light on the issue that a lot of people are talking about (if not talking about, then at least thinking about).


  3. I respect the fact you weren’t shy in choosing a heavy topic for your writing, however in the future I’d suggest giving it more thought. Gun violence and police brutality are some of the hottest debate topics going on in the US at the moment, so no matter how well researched you are you’ll always run into someone who will butt heads and try to discredit your work. Which is a shame when you’re just trying to show you know what you’re doing.

    Getting away from the flame bait, adjusting your writing for the audience is a very important tool. Knowing what to write for who is just as important as knowing how to write in the first place.


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