Blog Post 6

One choice that I made this semester had to do with the story that each of us had to write. Mine was about the Northern Lights and how they helped two polar bears find their new home where there was ice.  The choice that I made was choosing to have the polar bears actually talk, and I got this idea from another story that I read when I was doing my research. Also having the main polar bear be the younger one and naming it Nook, because our mascot at this school is a Nanook and I thought that this would go well considering all of my classmates are Nanook’s.

The consequences were good I think, because everyone who read my story thought that the polar bears were awesome and that they liked the name because it did relate to the school. If I would have showed this story to people outside of this school,  UAA for example, they wouldn’t be too fond of the idea that the main character was a polar bear named Nook. They are UAF’s rival school when it comes to sports mainly, so they do not like Nanook’s. Even if I were to show people this story outside of Alaska, they wouldn’t relate to the character as much as other people from the state would. Having the Northern Lights as one of the main figures in my story as well, relates to the people in Alaska as well, especially Native Americans because they are a part of their culture and story telling.

Overall I think the choices that I made for my story went well with the people reading it, which was of course my classmates, because we are all going to UAF and most of us are from around the state, we are able to relate to all of the elements in my story especially the polar bears and the northern lights. We all appreciate them because they are a huge part of the state and school as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post 6

  1. I think that the direction of your overall plan is excellent. I think that how you all are able to incorporate your different projects together will run seamlessly. One thing I think you should add is the fact that polar bears are great for marketing and used by several different companies. I know that coca-cola uses the polar bear. if you could tie this into how the university uses the Nanook that would be great. lastly some neat and interesting statistics regarding polar bears would also be very constructive to your project.
    – Coleman Smith


  2. Writing a story using elements from the culture of the area you live in is an easy way to craft something that has a lot of depth and meaning to it. You underestimate people from other states not relating to the character based on the name. I can tell you from experience that people in the lower 48 are fascinated with various aspects of Alaska and it’s culture.


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