Coffee verses Tea

In the rest of this LayAr, there are features on coffee stands in Fairbanks, timelines on the history of coffee, and it’s life in marketing. As we’ve researched coffee, we’ve found plenty of comparisons with tea. In modern American society, the great debate is whether a person drinks coffee or tea. How long has this debate been around? Why does it matter? Is one side actually better? Don’t forget to vote on your favorite in our poll once you’re done reading! With as much reading as is available in this LayAr and others, we decided to change things up and provide infographics to digest. They are not original, so click on the link below to get to the original source.

Long ago, coffee and tea were being newly sold in England and other western European countries. This obviously needed marketing to increase sales. This lead to health claims being made on both sides, as they still sometimes do today. The below is an ad from England run in 1658. As yo can see, the maker took advantage of it foreignness and used that to create a desire.


Citations, Quotes & Annotations

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Note: Although most of the health benefits that are featured in this article are also in other info-graphics, this article is written with some bias. The BBC is based in Britain and their verdict at the end, although not surprising, is amusing to read.
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Note: This is a cool article because not only does it compare the pros and cons of coffee verses tea, it also compares the origins of each. The info-graphic is more in depth comparing features within each section, such as white verses black tea and espresso verses decaf.
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Note: This info-map shows the comparison of tea verses coffee consumption across the globe. The most relevant to us in the US is that “people in the U.S. drink three times as much coffee as tea.”
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Note: There were a few point in this article that I enjoyed. They help to explain other benefits that some of the comparison info-graphics didn’t cover. Here are some of my favorites: 4) It’s easier than making coffee. 6) Tea can help you shed some unwanted pounds. 9) Tea can help reduce stress.
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Note: This life hack info-graphic brings up some cool and interesting points. “Research shows coffee consumption has reduced the risk of some diseases and ailments, including “Alzheimer’s, and Type 2 diabetes”
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Note: If you have headphones, following this link. Doctor Oz compares the health benefits on his shows. Otherwise, this is a great article that compares the health benefits in a clear format.
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Note: This is where the Prevention “Health Food Face Off” info-graphic came from.

5 thoughts on “Coffee verses Tea

  1. I love all the information that you have in here, I think this blog post for your project is going to be very successful. You had the right amount of text and pictures to make it interesting. I like that your pictures are very colorful and I like how you compared the coffee and tea by making fun graphs. Very nice to read, I look forward to seeing the rest of your project.


  2. As much as I would love to claim the info-graphics as my own (because you’re right, they’re very cool) they are not. I have them above each appropriate source and my work is my commentary about the info-graphics and the old ad.


  3. I am loving the details you guys went into, focusing more on the health aspects was a good move I feel. I mean, once you put in “health benefits/deficits” people start paying more attention generally. As far as comparison pieces go, I think you guys did a superb job in the details, especially with the ingredients in either, and what diseases they fought. I never knew that Coffee could fight depression and skin cancer. Good info!


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! That helps a lot with the end of semester stress. There were some “health benefits/deficits” (like you said) that I was slightly aware of when we started researching, which helped, but we definitely learned a lot by the end.


      • As someone who actually gets sick by drinking coffee I’m stuck with tea, however I have a mother that was actually prescribed coffee (I don’t know why) and I like being able to see the health benefits that coffee has. Helped me to have an idea about maybe why she would need to drink coffee. I think that health is a major eye-catcher for people, everyone wants to live a long life and knowing the health benefits of an every day drink can be very important to them.
        I like how you guys picked a popular item and worked a whole project around it. You guys provided a lot of information, both locally and worldwide. One question, which was around first coffee or tea?

        Liked by 1 person

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