Mask Audience

As far as an audience goes, the purpose for this project is in mind, to apply to as wide an audience as I can. When I was a kid, I thought masks and things of that nature were really cool and interesting, I had a fascination with cultural objects that held visual and symbolic significance  to the culture. Things like art, sculptures or even weaponry or hunting tools of the cultures always intrigued me as a kid. In the same way they intrigued me as a kid, I’m hoping to convey that to kids interested in different cultures and history. Granted, I don’t only want kids to be the only audience, I do want the project to be accessible to adults as well, easily understood and thought provoking for both groups. Maybe that’s too much to ask, but then again, maybe not. In the end though, I think it’s more than worth a shot to try and illustrate history in a multi-platformed way to a wide audience.

As for the significance and purpose of the project. The purpose is to inform the audience of the cultural and perhaps the spiritual significance attached to the masks of different cultures. Why I’m doing this, is because I think it’s important to acknowledge our own but other cultures, there is a need in my mind to know or at least be aware of other people’s cultures and their pasts. It’s a thing we forget very often, a rich history we overlook because it no longer is an integral part of the our immediate culture. And I believe, that if we want to make these past events relevant and integral again, we have to keep bringing them up, and getting people interested in what values have directly influenced our own today from the past. Now, I can’t be sure that what I say for this project will have the desired affect, but I think that if nothing else, some young kid will see our project, listen to the details about the cultural significance of a group of people or even ourselves. And maybe, just maybe, that kid will go on to live a life devoted to talking about stuff like this, and maybe, bring it to the forefront of people’s minds.


One thought on “Mask Audience

  1. I like the idea of bridging the age gap in a topic like masks. As someone who enjoys learning about other people’s cultures too, I support any effort in bringing awareness to something that can be overlooked, such as symbolism in masks. Sometimes, it seems that people tend to focus on the literal and what can be analyzed by numbers and facts (and they’re absolutely important) but like you said, there’s a rich history out there. There are cultures we don’t even know about. Props for recognizing that.


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