Blog Post 5

I think my project will be interesting for a variety of audiences. It will be good for local Alaskans that are used to seeing countless coffee huts but don’t know much about them, and also for tourists that are visiting Fairbanks. Most tourists will surely notice the coffee stands around town, and if they see my project they can get a better understanding of them and why they are here. I’m hoping to be able to answer the question of why there are more of them in Fairbanks, but even if I cannot definitively answer that question, I will still have lots of information and details about the coffee huts that will be compelling. There will be a little bit of history and the backstory for one of the stands, as well as information about how the business runs. In my opinion, it would enhance the museum experience by providing a local perspective on something so common as coffee. The object we chose is just an old coffee pot, but the project will add a lot more information and intrigue to the display. My main goal for reaching the audience is to ask the questions that I think the majority of people would want to know. It would be very cool for a tourist from another country or state to go back home and tell their friends about how many coffee stands are in Fairbanks, and be able to tell them some information about the stands based on my project.


3 thoughts on “Blog Post 5

  1. Heck, I’M pretty interested in having more information as to the ‘why’ of the coffee stands. I had not previously realized that Alaska has so many more coffee huts than anywhere else, or that Fairbanks tops the spots in Alaska.
    Will you be asking the employees anything, or just the owners? I’m kind of curious about one thing: I notice that there are usually at least a few male baristas in coffee shops in actual buildings, but going to coffee huts I’ve only ever seen female employees.
    It will be neat to find out where the coffee huts come from, how they got started as a business. My family has wondered about that, but haven’t come across the answer.


  2. I definitely like the local perspective that you’re trying to capture. It would be great if you were able to get a ballpark on how much Fairbanks residents drink coffee from the stands, based on the interviews that you wanted to do. Comparing that to the national average might be interesting. Numerous coffee stands are definitely a unique part of Alaska.


  3. I like how you took a common inquiry and found the answer to it to strengthen your project. I think that not only does it bring in a local perspective but also is potentially good promotion for the coffee stands that you interviewed. I am not surprised that there are so many but it still is a question as to why. I wonder if because there is a lot of coffee lovers or whether it is due to the cold temperatures.


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