blog post 5

the audience that i feel my projects medium is going to engage is kids.  Everytime i go to the museum i always notice a larger amount of young kids compared to how many adults there are.  So i feel that by doing a comic will help trigger more of an interest in the younger kids and younger audience. some steps i am taking to help make it more friendly to a younger audience is the word choice, trying to stay away from vocabulary that may confuse or not convey the message clearly.

the purpose of our project is to educate on how whaling used to be done and why they needed it in order to survive vs how it is being done today and why do the countries still carry out it when the demand of whaling is going down.  what i hope the museum gains from our project is more than just here is a whale skull and a little bit of information on a whale, but more of how whales have been used and played a major part in native/ countries history and survival.  that is what i hope to see the museum gain from our project.


2 thoughts on “blog post 5

  1. I think that you have an interesting idea, and that you know exactly what kind of audience you want to focus on. I like how you want to do a comic strip because that is an out side of the box idea, and I am sure no other groups will be doing a comic strip. I am excited to see what you and your group come up with.


    • Interesting idea, and it worked well. Now my question stands, if this is such a big issue, why am I only hearing about it now? Yes Norway and Japan are wailing, but how much damage is it actually doing? What is the population like as of now? How has it changed in the last 100 years, is it better or worse? If better then the whales are doing fine. Now I don’t believe in wasting animals, but if the population is indeed better, then why change?


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