Audience- Coleman Smith

When I look at this project I think of college. Now what does that mean? Well to me it is a lot of analytical information that is very dull, and dry. Similar to terms and conditions, college written projects can be excruciatingly un-enjoyable and not so clear on their meaning. That my friends is why I want this to be a lively project.

To further expand on my murky intro I need to first tell you who my audience is going to be. The people I will be telling my story to are guests to the UAF museum of the north which include every range of people from educated to non-educated, from young to….. just a large range and so I want it to be able to accommodate all of their abilities and interests. That is why I would like to portray my information in a shorthand version using visual aids as assistance. My reasoning for this is people love stories, however people do not love necessarily to read the journal of Folklore. For that reason I would like to allow the pictures and my words to explain each other simultaneously so people can understand my message for how it was intended. So hopefully using the different mediums I will be able to accomplish this.

Lastly I would like it to be engaging and the reasoning for this is similar to people hearing a good joke, hear it once and you’ll never forget. So when people hear and see my project they will be amused and intrigued that way they don’t forget it. Along with that I would hope that it gets them thinking about how stories play into their own lives or that of their families. That when they leave and are driving away they remember all those lessons they were taught in their lives by those closest to them and realize their significance.


One thought on “Audience- Coleman Smith

  1. I like how you are making an effort to create an interesting and engaging project rather than a standard college paper. What types of visual aids are you planning to use? A slideshow of drawings or photos? Also, are you going to be telling your own stories or just other folklore? I definitely agree that one of the challenges of this project is engaging a variety of different audiences because of all the different types of people that come to the museum. It sounds like you will have a good mix of entertainment and information in your project.


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