Audience and Purpose for Ravens

Alongside a picture of caribou one can see a picture of ravens. I can imagine people walking in and seeing the picture and wonder as I did, what is it about ravens that provokes feelings of fear or feelings of disgust? Will that question invoke curiosity as it did for me? I think it will, to any of the tourists walking through the museum. I can see people pointing their phones at this picture to get more information to curb their curiosity. I know I would, even if for the fun of it alone. That is why in we hope to make our project to cover many bases and to make it a worthwhile fun experience.

In our project we plan on informing people on the symbolism of ravens and how the ravens symbolism is different across cultures. We will also have the creative story to include a wider audience while including a fun way to keep a younger audience entertained. We believe that our project will add to the museums educational purpose and do so by educating a wide audience of both age and culture, of the symbolism and different connotations of a raven.

Everyone in our group will work on different perspectives of the project all tying into our centerpiece, a slideshow. I personally will be working on the older connotations of ravens and what a raven symbolized for these different cultures, for example the Greeks believed them to have once been great messengers that were cursed after the ravens made a mistake. I plan on looking at a wide group of cultures and be able to explain and show how the different meanings of the ravens coming together has changed our idea of the raven and what made the raven symbolism what it is today.


2 thoughts on “Audience and Purpose for Ravens

  1. I think it will be really cool to see how the perception of ravens changes through different cultures and has evolved over the years. It seems like now we just look at ravens as an insignificant bird that scavenges for food, as opposed to being a “great messenger” like the Greeks thought. I’m definitely interested in seeing why that perception has changed. What are your plans for catering a younger audience? Will that be through stories, illustrations, or something else?


  2. Nice job on emphasizing how important it is to make this augmented reality a fun experience for the visitors. Working on the same topic, I sometimes find it hard to seek something fun in our project. There’s a lot of research to be done but thanks for reminding me what our main goal in our project is!


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