Audience and Purpose: Evil Ravens?

The audience is always simple when you apply technology. It means that the main audience is usually adults and even teenagers, but also having to look at the fact that the audience isn’t from just Alaska, but all over the world.

This brings you to the most important part in my opinion, the purpose. The purpose of me showing how Ravens are viewed as trouble and bringer of death is that we (my group) can also show the past meaning of ravens. When I looked at ravens, I always thought bad luck and nasty birds. Yet, when Sebastian talked about how ravens used to mean good, I was very intrigued.

My group wants to show the good and the bad of ravens through a story depicting good and evil. To show my separate work I plan to pull clips from movies and pictures of modern ravens that depict them in a nasty or troublesome way. Then to combine and show how the views of ravens have changed, we plan to do an audio or video interview with some people ranging from freshmen in college to elderly adults.

We know that the cultural views on ravens didn’t change, but the people’s views did. Not being able to pin point where the views changed is difficult, but this allows us to show possibly how many people don’t know what ravens used to mean and still mean in many cultures. I hope when this project is finished and put in the museum for people to see, that they look with an open mind. The audience can hopefully relate through their own views. If the relating is hard for some, I think maybe providing some cultural breakdowns of what ravens did mean in specific cultures will draw them in, for they may not know. I want them to gain the knowledge of what ravens used to mean or what they do mean depending on their own beliefs. I believe if they looked at ravens from both sides, this could help them stop and wonder, when did this change? I also hope it adds to the conversation about ravens. Not just about where they come from and how they look, but about what they mean. My main purpose is for people to see that the views on ravens have not always been bad, but that they have changed over time. That is what I want the people and the museum to gain from this project. The knowledge of what ravens mean, past and present.


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