Blog Post 5

The audience is very important to the museum, a lot of the audience that go through and experience the museum are tourists that are trying to get the full on Alaskan experience by trying to expand their knowledge and appreciate Alaskan culture. Their expectations are high, because not a lot of people know about Alaska, and that is why we get so many tourists. Nobody talks about Alaska, outside of Alaska, and when they do the information usually isn’t accurate.

I am trying to reach out to my audience with my project, not only talking about Polar Bears as the University’s mascot or the habitat of the polar bear but global warming as well and how it is affecting them. I think the most appealing thing about this project to the audience is the fact that the polar bear is the mascot at this university and that will draw them in, because I would think that they would want to know more about the mascot at the school they are visiting. Also that polar bears are one of the many animals that in fact do live in Alaska.

I want the audience to gain knowledge about polar bears not only as a mascot but as a wild animal that is so intriguing and the fact that they are in serious danger. Which is what I hope the global warming part of the project projects that.  I personally want to gain knowledge about the polar bear as well because I have always found them interesting and I thought that this project would be the perfect opportunity for me to expand on my own knowledge.

I think the museum will gain more truth about the polar bear and the situations that they are in, as well as interesting history on them being the mascot of the university. This project is adding on to the larger conversation of animals that are in trouble as well as Alaskan wildlife that a lot of people don’t know much about.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post 5

  1. Once the audience learns more about the polar bears and the danger they are in, what next? Are you going to include links for further research and information in case the audience wants to do something about the polar bears?
    Maybe it’s because I’m already in Alaska, but I’ve heard a lot about the polar bears being in danger from global warmer. What I have not heard is what to do about it, or what response is expected other than ‘Oh, feel ashamed and sad!’
    People are continually being told by the media to have emotions over things, and it’s easy to burn out. If you can give an actual ‘here’s how to take action’, I think you’ll have a more productive conversation.


  2. I fear that most “save the environment” or “save the (enter animal name here)” talks, info, and the like are a huge turn off to readers, and very few will actually be willing to take action. While you are correct, tourists may like to learn more, ultimately they will not have an effect on what happens, even if they do take action. The main audience that will go through the museum are fellow Alaskans, and in my experience, most really don’t stress themselves about a few bears, no offence intended.


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