Basketry Audience

The purpose of this project is to show that basketry isn’t as “simple” as some people think it is. For non-native Alaskans, most people don’t realize the amount of time and effort that have to go into weaving baskets. We want to show that it is truly an art form that is quite complex and time consuming. We will definitely be able to convey at least some of that through the video that we are doing of Tarron actually weaving a basket himself. This video will show the intricacies of basketry, and also that it can take anywhere from four to up to maybe ten or eleven hours overall to make even the simplest of baskets. We also want to talk about how the various tribes have different styles of weaving baskets and that each culture leaves their own unique mark on the art itself. By doing this, we want to help open the doorway of showcasing native art and helping breaching the culture gap that exists between native Alaskan cultures with that of the rest of the world. We feel that this project will help the museum by adding more information than what is currently available to the public on the plaques. The plaques do give some history to the baskets that are currently at the museum, but we wanted to include more by giving an in depth history of baskets from various native cultures. We also wanted to talk about the cultural significance that the baskets serve to their respective peoples, and we also wanted to show (like I said before) that there are different techniques to making baskets. These techniques were used for different reasons (i.e. baskets that were used for cooking were weaved differently from baskets that were used ceremoniously). We hope that our project will achieve these goals by the end of the semester.


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