Blog Post #5: Audience and Purpose

Our group project is about the culture of masks, specifcally reasons for why makes were adorned during death ceremonies and rituals and some legends and tales written about them. The audience we hope to reach with this project is an audience that is interested in learning more about the world around them. This audience would most likely be curious people who want to try to understand other culture’s practices and reasons for doing things the way they do. We are going to relate to our audience by Emilie drawing a scene of a tragic event. The event is going to involve the Grim Reaper with his infamous masked face, a sight familiar and recognizable to most people.


Most of us already have our own ideas about what lies beyond and what death entails. I am going to bring in the difference or potentially similarity of Mexican and African cultures by writing a few paragraphs briefly explaining where their masks come from and what they mean to each culture in terms of death. The overall goal of this project is to have people walk away with perhaps a greater appreciation for religions and customs other than their own. As for the museum, I am hoping this project will have a lasting impact on how we as people can view the world outside of our country.


Dia de los Muertos Traditional Mask


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #5: Audience and Purpose

  1. I really like that you did not limit your audience, but said “people interesting in learning more about the world around them. I also like that you acknowledge the fact that the view on life after death is different and that their views on the grim reaper is also different. Using of masks is a good way to actually connect with the several cultures that walk through the museum, so by briefly explaining their different views in cultures, makes a better connection and I would be rather happy to learn. I think it would allow people to see not only their cultural views on death but the masks “in terms of death” in other cultures. I think this will be a very interesting project when done, like I have said from the start. I am excited to see it when it is finished and thank you for the great read.


  2. This is an interesting topic because masks are so common in many cultures. It makes me wonder why people find the need to wear masks for death rituals and ceremonies. What are we trying to convey by covering our faces? What’s the intended effect? I hope that you’ll be able to explore that path. But regardless, I’m interested to see what you guys come up with. It will be a great addition to the museum!


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