Death in Different Cultures

For our project we have decided to act out a scene that shows a symbolic cultural representation of death and do either a filmed commentary on our subject or a voice over while showing some relevant pictures. I’m focusing primarily on how those cultures view death while my teammates are focusing on other aspects of those cultures.

I believe it would relate to the context of the museum by trying to show how different cultures think of death, life, and how it is represented in those cultures. It will also show how the way those cultures depict death has changed throughout time. The project will add to the mask display by showing the tie some have to afterlife rituals, and the implications of the way that culture viewed death. It would also show how those views have changed, the contrast between how our ancestors viewed death, and our modern views of it.  

I’m hoping the tone can be both serious and also lighthearted. It’s such a serious subject that if we can bring humor into it I believe it would create a balance and help people take the subject. We chose the medium because it will be entertaining so the public will be interested and want to learn more. I think a voice over or podcast would be appropriate for the context of a museum and seem professional. The drawbacks include having the scene not be completely clear in what we’re trying to say if we aren’t careful, or it could seem like we aren’t taking our subject or ancient cultures as seriously as they deserve to be taken. I hope that our project can make people think about the way they view death and what we can learn from our ancestors.


5 thoughts on “Death in Different Cultures

  1. I think it will be interesting for the audience to be able to see different cultural representations of death. If you are able to get information about Native Alaskan views on it and the significance that masks have for them, it would really tie into the museum and be in the right context. The connection between death and masks could be informative for many people and should add a lot to your group project.


  2. It’s a bold, creative move to act out a scene that shows a cultural representation of death. It’s fascinating to see how others ritualize death and your guys’ take on the subject would be great to watch. I also like the dose of humor. My question is: would the humor detract from the seriousness of the topic? Finding the balance between the two would surely entertain and inform the museum’s visitors at the same time. Great topic, guys!


  3. Too bad about having to ditch the movie idea, although it would have been a ton of work it would’ve been widely loved. But I think the podcast voice over Idea would work really well because it can be a hands free, easy to use option for learning more about that particular exhibit. The only worry that comes with it, is to make sure that when and where ever you decide to record this podcast, to make sure that it is in an extremely quiet area with a good microphone. If it has bad audio or a lot of background noise then it can be very distracting for the listener and they might not get the message that you are trying to convey.


  4. It definitely does suck that you guys had to ditch the idea of the movie, however I definitely do agree. A movie may have been a great engaging thing but it was unrealistic and would have been hard to do. Although you guys had to change your idea your project did turn out well. Having the tone both serious and light is wise because it will change along with different cultures beliefs about death.


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