Medium and Context for Ravens

For our project we chose ravens. It will add to the context of the museum because we plan on incorporating the raven and its meaning throughout native Alaskan history and other cultures throughout time. We plan on writing a short story that would be based in Alaska and have tidbits of Alaskan Native folklore and maybe some history of the homesteaders. We hope to have our project add to the history of ravens in general also. I hope to highlight the evolution of the meaning of the raven through all cultures. We plan on doing this through short writings, maybe a short story, some audio, and mainly through a slideshow of pictures. We chose this because we feel like it is more alluring for the viewer to have an assortment of decisions to look at.

For our short writings they will be small blurbs of information about ravens. Through the slideshow we hope to have a wide arrangement of photos, both hand drawn and not. We chose to have it mainly be short writings to convey to the more curious person, and the short story should provide some information that is more laid back and will maybe draw the viewer into the other more informative writings. The slideshow and the audio will be able to convey to people of all ages. Some of the benefits of the slideshow of pictures is it is more inviting to a viewer and can still actively convey meaning. The issue is it will not convey the meaning as well as written works do but that is why we hope to include some writing also. The issue with too much writing is that it can be daunting so we have the slideshow of pictures to accommodate. Not to mention leaving the everything wrote to be short and concise. We hope that our project will actively bring about information but do so in a fun manner.


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