Grim Reaper

The topic for my group’s project is a combination of several different themes that correlate. We have mine which is how mythology and folklore play a role in society. Emily will show how death is symbolic to different people from around the world. Luke is going to explain how religion and spirituality are big factors at how we look at death. Lastly Isaac will add how humans portray death through masks and tell stories about them.

To show this our group will be using a video to play out a plot. It will involve a man being struck by a car and dying. This will then lead to the grim reaper taking him to the afterlife and a funeral ceremony to commemorate the poor fellow’s life. Once the video has played it will replay with a voice over of each group member explaining how their information plays into the movie. This will allow the viewer to get a firsthand look how all our information correlates as well as provide a straight forward explanation to what we are trying to convey rather than just telling them what we mean.

Now in our project I will be explaining the role of the grim reaper. If we look throughout history every culture has some figure that helps one transition from the afterlife whether it’s Charon from Greek mythology or Death from the 4 horseman in the Christian Bible. To keep it simple and relate-able for our viewer’s sake the grim reaper is our symbol of choice. Therefore I will be explaining how humanity has used this character to help explain the unknown and what impact it had on our ancestors. If all goes well it will provide a clear insight and useful information to the watcher.

-Coleman Smith


3 thoughts on “Grim Reaper

  1. Wow, a lot of emotion is about to present in a very common case, which I like. I like that you are going to show the grim reaper and the guy passing on, because it will definitely create a scary vibe considering many cultures actually fear death and the grim reaper. I am very excited to see this project and I think the voice over will be very nice to follow after the film so it will not be a distraction during. I like that you are incorporating all of your teams’ ideas and allow them to come together to create a story that, in my opinion, will be very interesting. Thank you for a great read.


  2. Using a video to explain various culture’s ideas about the afterlife is a good way to get across the idea of spirituality to your audience, especially with the main character being dead. Using the Grim Reaper as a gateway into religious beliefs is also a good idea, since that character is common in pop culture, but don’t assume that your audience knows who they are so they don’t get left out of the conversation. Also, instead of making your audience sit through the video twice (I don’t know how long it’ll be, but seeing something twice can become repetitive), perhaps having a bit of text on a side blog that each of you write would be better, so your audience can simply read about the context of the video on their own. All in all, this is a great idea that, if properly executed, can turn out amazing.


  3. cool plan! I think showing the different characters that other cultures use will really help tie everything together as well as showing a different perspective than what we are used to. I would only be careful to not make the movie too long or the audience might start to fade and not pay as much attention Or if you have to make the movie longer to get all the information in I would make the first minute of it very dramatic or filled with something that will catch the audiences’ attention and help keep it for the entire film.


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