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the medium that my group could be possibly using is that two of us are going to be drawing a comic showing both sides of the history of hunting story that of the native need for it for survival and the countries that are killing them in mass numbers, then hopefully being able to upload it so that you can see it on the augmented reality app, then we will also supply maps of the regions that we are focusing on as well as a blog post.

the outcome that i expect is a viewer friendly, easy to read and understand what we are trying to get across, hopefully with our medium choices it will help the viewer become more engaged in the topic.  And hopefully  not one that the viewer finds boring, dragging on and like its beating a dead horse.

what i hope that our project will help add to the museum is that is the importance of moderation, how natives will use almost all of the whale that they killed making sure that all pieces that can be used are used and they will only kill a couple, as opposed to the groups that are poaching hundreds and taking a one piece of the whale before they just discard it back into the ocean.  this is what i hope to be the outcome of our augmented reality project!!!

4 thoughts on “blog post 4

  1. This is some what more out of curiosity than criticism but how do you plan on doing your comic? the probability of some one purposely going to the museum with an iPad is somewhat low, so you will most likely be dealing with people who have relatively small screens. so a normal 4-6 panel page is out of the question if you want perfect clarity. I was wondering what type format you plan on choosing for this project. if you plan on doing a pdf you might be able to do a scrolling comic like Daniel Lieske’s Wormworld Saga
    or Jason Brubaker’s Sithera
    There are more options but it mostly depends on if your presenting it through website, PDF, etc.

    Best of luck!


  2. I really enjoy that you and your partner are talking about doing a comic, I believe that will be very interesting. I also agree that it will be very easy to read and understand. I think to add to the comic for some kids who may look at the project, but can’t read, is to add an audio of someone reading the story. That way some of the feelings or actions you want to convey can also be conveyed through voice. I believe it may add to the understand of the story, but you do not have too. This is just a suggestion because I do believe that a comic is easy to read and understand, but sometimes the images don’t show all the emotions you want them too. Thank you for a great read.


  3. I think that using the comic to really get your point across will be a great way to break up the monotony that can come with final projects. I would just try and use pictures as well as words in it to ensure your point gets interrupted the way that you want it to. Will you be going into any detail on some examples of what parts of the whale get used for? Like the smaller bones for spear tips or the fat for cooking oil or anything like that? I think the audience, myself included, would like to know some of those different interesting facts. The map portion should be really cool as well and will allow the audience to connect with it very easily, because they can see the map and think “oh I know city is there now” or some things like that. It should turn out very wetland I can’t wait to read it.


  4. I think your project is great because it’s not only a relevant and current issue, but you’re taking a stand while still providing the facts and culture behind it. It’s cool that you’re doing comics, that will show people that you care about the issue enough that you took the time to make it into art. I think these projects work best when you really care about the issue at hand and are bringing light to something you find important. Good job so far!


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