Baskets have always been kind of a fascination for me. I remember visiting various museums throughout the US and seeing Native American baskets and thinking to myself, “I wonder how much dedication had to go into weaving something like that?” So when Emmy proposed her idea to the class, I was immediately hooked upon the idea of doing a project about baskets. The medium that we will be utilizing for our project will be primarily a website to display our research on. Our research will be looking at how the legacy of basket weaving has been not only started in indigenous cultures, but also looking at how it has been continued for generations even till today. We wanted to do a website because we feel that it would be more visually appealing than by presenting our facts through a PowerPoint or something to that effect. Through a website, we feel that it would be easier to display our findings and also provide enough space to put images of baskets, people, maps, etc. better than what another mode of media would provide. The reason we wanted to do this project was to show the background that goes into making baskets, like the different processes that are used for making them. We also want to look at the cultural significance of the baskets, and if they’re used to help tell stories or myths about their respective cultures. We are also going to incorporate a video of a basket being weaved to show the actual process of what goes into making baskets. The video will also show that the art of basket weaving has, like I said before, has continued on even today. For the video, we might also incorporate a poem into it to make it more interesting to watch and display some poetry that has been written about basketry. I hope that people will look at baskets not just as baskets, but as something more after looking at our project.


5 thoughts on “Baskets

  1. Baskets are a very interesting topic; I do agree with you there. I really enjoy that you want to bring different cultural aspects and show how it impacted those cultures. Your group has a very good idea about putting a poem with a video of a basket being weaved because in my experience, music and poems usually add to the experience that I am expecting. If you use a poem, I suggest looked for poems that refer to baskets as history. You are showing history, so I think this would be rather interesting and would stick with the readers because they had read it in your research. I am really excited to see how your project comes together. Thank you for a great read.


  2. Your idea to put most, if not all, of your information on a separate website is interesting, because it will allow your audience to not have to stay around your particular exhibit but rather take it home with them since it’s a separate website outside of Layar. I feel like this would be good for an audience that may not have the time to focus entirely on your project, but I fear that not having a lot of information readily available to see when first viewing your project might deter some audience members that might be less interested in being taken out of the museum by going online. Making a compromise between the two, like putting pictures or video on the Layar, might work to your interests.


  3. I think the time-lapse video will be cool for people to see the tedious process that goes into basket weaving. Definitely make sure that you keep it to a reasonable amount of time, even if you have to cut forward a little bit, because I don’t think most viewers would want to stand there for too long watching the time-lapse. Are there any new technologies that have made basket weaving a simpler process, or has it basically stayed the same process? I’m definitely interested in learning about the origins of basket weaving and how it has evolved.


  4. I think it’s a good idea to have all of your information in on one webpage, this will make it way easier for people to comprehend and reference the information without feeling overwhelmed. As others have said, making a time lapse video is a stroke of brilliance. It will demonstrate just how much work is put into making baskets, after I made a small basket as a kid I was never able to look at the larger baskets without being stuck by the time someone invented in it. I’ll be curious to know the total amount of time that passed in the time lapse video.


  5. I still REALLY love your groups mesh of different ideas and structures. you all have a video, a website, a cool chart/picture and a GREAT presentation. I am super excited to see the final product! 🙂


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