Speaking of Ravens…

The overall focus of the project is the symbolism and mythology of Ravens, and we’ll be presenting it as a voiceover narration with pictures – and maybe even gifs if it can be managed with the layar app.

The point of the presentation, of using Ravens as a topic, is because they have a strong role in mythology – not just in Alaska but all around the world.  They present many opportunities for study and analysis in their past and present portrayals throughout oral storytelling, literature, and art.  There is the added benefit of there being several raven-based pieces in the museum – tying the presentation with the rest of the building.

Everyone has about an equal part in researching the different aspects.  My main part of the project will be helping write the scripts for the narration, and doing the narration itself.

The tone we’re shooting for is to be informative AND engaging; to convey information in a storytelling way.  While certain stories may be a little dark, they will still be family-friendly.  By showing the evolution of raven symbolism and how ravens are portrayed in literature, we hope to spark an interest in the mythology and stories as a whole and as a comparison of stories between cultures.

By using pictures rather than making a movie, the audience has more control over what they see – what scenes or slides they want to examine further, and potentially find artwork and artists for further enjoyment.  Using voiceover rather than text or live-acting will allow faster and more efficient communication.  There won’t be as much risk of the audience becoming bored and leaving before finishing the presentation.

The downside of this is going to be finding relevant and engaging visuals without being overly repetitive.  Also, by doing a voiceover we won’t really be able to have any other kind of audio without conflict.  This removes the possibility of engaging music or soundtrack, and audience members who are not as familiar with listening to English will be at a disadvantage.

The benefits can be maximized by thorough research into artwork and other resources.  Since Ravens are characters in stories throughout the globe, there is the opportunity for a wide range of cultural art styles to be showcased.  As for the voice-overs, they can be best utilized by doing quality speaking – by adding emphasis on clear enunciation and tone variation, audience members can practice their English-listening if they choose.  Many people like to learn new languages by listening, but are embarrassed to do so with a native speaker.  Listening to a recording lets them listen without fear of judgement, and with the opportunity to rewind if desired.

This outcome of this project is rather subjective to the audience.  Not everyone is interested in storytelling or artwork.  What I’d would LIKE for the outcome to be, is that the listeners would talk and compare the stories shared in the presentation with stories from their own culture, or to find an interest in learning more of the stories and portrayals.


4 thoughts on “Speaking of Ravens…

  1. I’m interested to see how your final product is going to turn out. Are you only going to be doing one story, or multiple short stories? It would be cool if you had multiple short stories and visitors of the museum could choose which one they think looks the most interesting. They might be more likely to click on a short story, and if they like it, then watch the others, rather than clicking on a long story right off the bat. Either way, I think it will be a nice accompaniment to the many raven themed exhibits at the museum.

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  2. I like that your project has a balance of dark and light, as well as relevance to folklore, this class, and the museum. I think it will be really interesting given the variety you have and will be entertaining while being educating. It sounds like your project will have something for everyone, not only because of the different mediums, but also because ravens are so prominent in folklore throughout the world. I also like that you are including a retelling in your project, it really ties it all together.


  3. Out of all of the augmented presentations, your groups was my favorite. I love the story you chose and the way you changed it and made it into your own story. I love the way that your project turned out, I love birds and the symbols they have behind them, I also really enjoyed listening to your story and reading all about your project. Definitely a very good topic/ subject that I think others will be interested in reading about. Your part of the project definitely played it’s role for the entertainment, it is something I would definitely listen to again.


  4. I really do think your group did an amazing job on making all of your parts come together. I actually put my headphones in and listened to the story and it was quite entertaining and interesting in a learning way. The only recommendation that I would have is if you could possibly have subtitles. This is because I think that it would not only add to what they are hearing if they can read it also but that if they don’t have audio they could possibly just read it. However, that is a minor thing. Great job overall and I think that the presentation went together quite well!


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