Selling Coffee to the Masses

My portion of the project focuses the marketing of coffee and it’s history. Because I am going to explore environmental marketing I am going to have a linkable blog post about the topic. It will be around the normal length to avoid boring people. I hope to have some photos to break up the word space to prevent people getting lost in the text.

I’ll also be looking at icons in coffee marketing such as Juan Valdez of Columbia, so for this I will have their photos with a quick description on said photo. I hope to have an online interactive timeline that people and link to feature the old magazine ads for coffee all the way through Folger’s TV ads and Holiday radio ads. This timeline would feature descriptions about the relevance of the ads, why the producer might have chosen the format that they did.

Brass tea strainer and kettle from the early 1900s

For the group portion of our project, we will be looking at comparing tea and coffee in many ways. Since we’ll be comparing a lot of different information between different topics, the media type used for this will be mostly linkable infographics. When we were testing out the Layar app, we saw that we could do an image carousel that people could click on the photos and get linked to websites. Because of this possibility, we decided to use this for this topic since it’s not our main focus, but it’s still fun to have as supplementary to the topic with a tea strainer in the same display.

Also for the Layar app, our group will have a real-time poll about coffee versus tea that only people who interact can vote to give them a more personal interaction with the app. We expect it to get a higher percentage of coffee votes since it will be located in a cafe.


3 thoughts on “Selling Coffee to the Masses

  1. Your idea about putting most of your text on a blog is a good idea, and is sure to save your audience the hassle of trying to read text from the Layar app, which doesn’t seem to be very intuitive with text. I think a good way of keeping your audience from getting bored with your text is to maybe have the text explain the timeline or the commercials you plan on adding, that way it’ll connect to the interest you create with that media. Try not to overload yourself with so many topics, though, as adding the tea strainer as well might be too much information for your audience to read. Overall, cool idea so far, I look forward to seeing it when it’s done!


    • So we kind of kicked the tea strainer idea. We are still featuring coffee verses tea, but I think the way we whittled the topics and have them clearly labeled on the app helps the audience understand and be able to appreciate our interesting LayAr.
      Using the blog has most certainly helped. This is partially due to the fact that is frees up the visual space on the app itself, but also because of the fact that (as you said) it is easier to read. To speak to the breaking up of the text, I hope that you will find in both of the blog posts that we used relevant ads to break up the text blocks well.


  2. This is an interesting take on coffee and its history; and yet still totally pertinent! I’m really looking forward to the interactive timeline and seeing what old advertisements you find.
    I’m also intrigued by the real-time poll – that’s a clever and useful way of making the app interactive and engaging.
    What areas are you going to examine for the advertisements? Are you going to keep it in America, or are you going to include places like Great Britain? Since you’re looking at Columbia anyway (or at least Juan Valdez from there) it might be interesting to see how the marketing changes country to country – at least in quick-glance pictures to save time.


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