Blog Post 4: Medium and Context

Cassidy Heaton:

My partner and I are doing our project on the polar bear, and the image that we are using is from a photograph that is framed in one of the main hallways of the museum. We will be giving history on the University’s mascot (Nanook),  background information on polar bears themselves, their habitats and what they need in order to survive, and how global warming is impacting them. The tone of our research is going to be mostly informative, because a lot of people don’t realize how global warming is badly effecting the polar bears, and a lot of people on campus don’t even know the history of their mascot.

We chose the picture in the museum for our medium/media because when we were coming up with the idea for our project we knew we wanted to include ice and global warming. In the picture it is of two polar bears walking across an snowy/icy tundra. The way they are walking and the way that I see them, is that there is so much more going on in the picture than we interpret. That “so much more” is what I want to try to get across to the audience.

The benefits to using a image for our project is that we can add a lot of hyperlinks to it. The hyperlinks can consists to just about anything from blog posts, to videos, and even to graphs and timelines which we plan on putting into our project as well.  The drawbacks to this are that we don’t want to have too much going on that the audience wont be able to follow.  To use the benefits we plan to include the things that I mentioned above, and I don’t think we are going to have trouble with including too many things. I think more information could be more interesting and beneficial than less information.

I am looking forward to the outcome of the project because I hope that we are able to help spread awareness of the kinds of problems they are facing, and their importance. There are some serious problems and if we don’t face them, then there will be no more polar bear in the future.

This project will add to the museum by providing information that a lot of people don’t know about the mascot of the University, and to the problems that polar bears are facing in the wild. It will hopefully help spread awareness.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































4 thoughts on “Blog Post 4: Medium and Context

  1. I really enjoyed reading this because it provided a couple facts that I know are true. Some people do not know how bad the global warming is effecting the polar bears and some also do not know the history of the mascot. I do not know the history of our mascot which makes me excited to view this project, because then I may understand a little more about why a polar bear. I think using a very important topic (global warming) is a good way to draw people into the topic, because many people have different views on it. I am excited to see how your project turns out and I am excited to learn about the University’s mascot. Thank you for a great read.


  2. I like that you guys are doing a project that is going to include research and scientific facts. I think it will be cool for people in the museum to look at the photo and be able to learn a lot more information about the animals that are in the picture. It might be kind of interesting to include some stories from native folklore that are about the polar bear, because the Nanook is important to many tribes, to add a different dimension to your project.


  3. Really excited to see where you guys go with this! I like how relevant it is to the museum and UAF, it was a really smart choice for the context of the museum. I’m interested to see how you tie the mascot into the topic of global warming. It’s so important to continue spreading awareness about climate change. Educating people on how it’s affecting polar bears is a great idea not only because of the tie to the school mascot, but it also shows people that there are real consequences to what we’re doing to our planet.


  4. I really enjoy the fact that you chose the polar bear, especially because it relates right to the University of Fairbanks Alaska. Before your project I never knew the history behind the Nook either. I think this was a good decision for a project since it relates directly to UAF and the nanook itself. I also like how with polar bears the change in climate and global warming is mentioned because so many people do not actually think that global warming is a thing and are not educated on the subject. Now that your project is finished I am more interested to learn more. Good job and thank you for the information.


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