Medium and Context: Ravens

Ravens; life or death. Death! In fact, a group of ravens is called a murder. There is a picture in the Museum that shows ravens in snow. In my mind, I saw this as evil in the light. Yet, the birds look calm and peaceful while sitting in the snow. I am researching how ravens symbolize trouble and death in the modern world. I picked an art piece depicting a raven eating from a man’s hands and the movie “Sleeping Beauty” to first look at, because they are things that would be easily understood by all ages. I picked these two pieces because it is easy to distinguish the difference between the evil and the good. I am hoping that by showing ways that ravens appear evil will add to the personality of the photo because they look so calm, but we do not think of ravens as calm peaceful birds. Yet, when a murder gathers it is seen as a dark omen. They are even said to be the bringer of death. I want to show this through pictures and words that give off a creepy feeling. I may not be good at creating a creepy feeling through my words, but I believe the pictures will add to the vibe that I want to try and create. That is an advantage for someone like me, but a disadvantage is finding photos that are kid friendly but also show how ravens are evil. I hope to overcome that obstacle by using Disney films that include ravens as an evil character, because this creates a kid friendly aspect while allowing some adults to enjoy being kids again. The drawback of this idea, is that not everyone likes Disney films. This is an idea that would be for the kids, the idea for the adults is to use photos that are still kid friendly, but can be enjoyed by the adults. I believe the combination of pictures, short clips, and words will build up a creepy tone, but not too creepy to be scary. I also hope it helps them understand that ravens do appear as evil in many films and photos.


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