Hyperlink: Aurora Borealis

The official  NASA website is a great resource to find out any information that you would want to know about things that are going on with space. In my case this is the Northern Lights, because they come from the sunspots bursting from the sun which then all the particles get trapped in our earth’s outer atmosphere which is how we get Northern and Southern Lights. This source is nice because it gives me a review and a little history about how the lights came to be. It is important for my paper because to have a good paper you need to know what you are talking about and I feel like the NASA website does a good job at explaining the scientific methods of the Northern Lights. “In 1619 A.D., Galileo Galilei coined the term “aurora borealis” after Aurora, the Roman goddess of morning. He had the misconception that the auroras he saw were due to sunlight reflecting from the atmosphere.” Below is a picture of an early sketch of the Northern Lights which the candles in the sky represent.

Discovery News is a good source because they are worldwide and trustworthy. I found some really interesting pictures of the Northern Lights. Below each picture there is a description about the Northern Lights and the descriptions vary on each picture. Some provide you with a little history about them from different perspectives and cultures around the world. This source will help me out on the historical aspects of the Northern Lights. It will give me a better understanding about the different cultures that are also interested in the Northern Lights and how they perceive them. This source will also help me explain some more historical facts about the lights in my paper if I choose to do so.




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