Hyperlink What Lights?

My first story is called Northern Lights: Saulteaux tale it is about a small child who is brave enough to ask her old Baba about the green clouds in the sky. The child soon finds out that those green clouds are not clouds, but they are spirits her Baba tells her. They are spirits of loved ones that come out to dance when someone has passed. The child is confused and asks her Baba why they aren’t in heaven. Her Baba says that they are in heaven and they are just dancing to help the people find their way. That is why they are moving around, and each time the color changes it is a different spirit. Baba also says to the small child not to whistle at the Eagle and the Buffalo or they will come and take you away. Don’t be afraid, just don’t whistle at them is what Baba tells the small child.

When Nook asks his Mother “what lights” I got that idea from this story about the small child and her Baba.


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