Blog Post 2 One Eye Monsters

Coleman Smith

English 211

February 3, 2016

The project I chose for this class is going to be the cyclops mask from the museum. My reason for choosing this topic comes from my enjoyment for Greek stories and history. Having not previously known that native Alaska’s have stories of their own about one eye creatures (which are a huge part of Greek mythology) I am curious to see what I come up with in my findings. Also I’m going to see if there are any correlations between the role of one eyed monsters in non-Greek stories and those of Greeks.

To do this I will look through not just native Alaskan stories but those of other Native American cultures and societies around the world. I do believe that after some preliminary research that I will find sufficient information to provide different civilizations views what a one eye monster means to them.

Lastly, I will need to consider the influence of the Greeks on those cultures of Europe and possible northern Africa. Especially since that Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt have heavy Greek influence along with much of Europe. This is why I hope that I can pull most of my research from north and South America along with Asia.

To summarize I will look for tales and fable that include one eyed monsters and pull them together by their similar or non-similar traits and explain their meaning within their society and compare that to those most well know so readers can see how much of an impact that these similar creatures played around the world.


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