Loving Lights

Today’s blog post will be focusing on the Brother Bear story summarized in Blog Post 2

The aurora is used by the author as a representation of a connection between the heavens and the earth. Their loved ones that have past are represented in the lights in their human and spirit animal forms. The most obvious imagery showing this is the image below, in which the older brother’s spirit animal, the eagle, wraps around the main character.


The aurora in this story represents love and connection, but also the peace and joy in the afterlife. Those spirits and animals show are those that have passed that now live in the lights. They run across the sky, and the animals can be seen playing with each other.

This story talks about love, especially familial love. This is shown through two sets of brother going through life with all of its ups and downs, fights and resolutions. It shows that although you might not always get along, your family members can help you help you find happiness.


5 thoughts on “Loving Lights

  1. This is a good start. You do a good job of telling your audience the meaning. You also do a really excellent job of using the blog as a medium by including both links and pictures. I love that! I want to hear more about the meaning you are making. Are there quotes that you can use to really show us how the meaning is made? Perhaps you can give us more context in terms of the plot points. What exactly happens in the story to give it this meaning?

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  2. This movie is one of my favorites, I love the way the music kinda tells the story as well as the actual story that is going on in the story. I agree with the last comment, you did a very good job explaining what the Northern lights portrayed. I enjoy your explanation to the story. Even though it is a sad story your portrayal of it was quite positive. This story reminds of lessons being taught from the mistakes that were made. Everything is a learning experience and this story reminds me of just life in general, just because a lot of stuff that is not supposed to happen, happens anyways. I am glad you used this story, it was a good choice in my opinion.


  3. After thinking about it, the movie brother bear, is much deeper than the understanding of children. The devotion to family, and loved ones. Its a beautiful movie, I wish that you had been able to go further with the post, and the projects. Maybe you start your own blog.


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