Guns Role in the movie “Training Day”

In the movie Training Day, starring Denzel Washington, guns play a major role. They are used to show power and control. In multiple situations, whoever has the gun is in control. For example, at the end of the movie, although Alonzo has been in control and manipulating officer Hoit throughout the entire story, Hoit finds him and points a gun at him. Alonzo doesn’t have a weapon, giving all the power to officer Hoit. In this story, it’s easy to see the stark contrast in the use of guns. Alonzo, a corrupt detective, uses his guns for many horrible things, such as manipulating people, and killing others. On the other hand, officer Hoit only wants to use his weapons to do the right thing and catch criminals. It’s a clear comparison of good versus evil, and the way that guns are used is a representation of this. The story is trying to show how different people can use their power in completely opposite ways.

One thought on “Guns Role in the movie “Training Day”

  1. This is a good start of an analysis. You do a good job of using plot points from the story to back up your point. I wonder if there are quotes that could also be helpful here. Also, I am curious to see how you connect this to collective stories. Is it possible to take this deeper? I think a lot of your readers will recognize that guns can be used as a tool for good or for evil. What can your analysis of this movie bring to further that conversation or make your reader think about guns in a new way?


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