Blog Post 3

“Look to the light and swim to the top of the Great Mountian. There you will find your home. There you will swim the eternal river of the sky.” (Seth Adam Smith)

I love this quote from the story, The Legend of the Northern Lights by Seth Adam Smith. The White Bear says this to a group of salmon who were lost at finding their way. The light that the White Bear is talking about is the Northern Lights, which is what my topic is about.

In this story the author portrays the Northern Lights as a good thing. The lights are portrayed as full of life and a light to help others, “they who has become so full of life and light themselves became the Northern Lights-a river of light to guide the way for others who wander in the dark”(Seth Adam Smith).

If Smith is talking about life and guiding people off a dark path then I think Smith is trying to say that we as people need to help out one another into guiding others off of that dark path and into the light. There are plenty of young adults that get off track in life, and usually someone more experienced  in life will give them knowledge or advice about the situation and it will help them find a way out of that darkness or that dark path that they are going down.

I know people who are having a bad time. Trying to help them in anyway that you can, even if it is just by listening to their problems. Giving them advice to a potential solution to their problem can be something that you can do for them to help, the person can take the advice or leave it.

I love the way that Smith expresses the Northern Lights as something positive. In other stories the Northern Lights can be expresses as something bad, which is why this story is my favorite so far out of the stories that I have found for this project.


One thought on “Blog Post 3

  1. I also love that quote! You do a great job of using specific quotes from the story to make your meaning. I think this analysis would be even stronger with a little bit more context. What about the plot of the story helps support your ideas? Can you give the audience a little bit fuller summary of the work; where it comes from, what happens in the story? Good job.


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