Analysis of The Three Bears

In the story The Three Bears written by Robert Southey we see the first recorded version of the story known today as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Many things are similar between the two but they both originate from a much older tale. In Robert Southey’s version we see a lively little girl, named Silver-Hair. Silver-Hair throughout represents children’s curiosity and restlessness. She was “so restless that she could not be kept quiet at home” so one day when she was off frolicking about “into the fields to chase butterflies” and “into a wood to gather wild flowers” she ran too far and “she found herself in a lonely place” and she saw a house. When she walked up to the house and found the door to be open “she made up her mind to go in boldly”. Her curiosity got the best of her because she had not walked into a lion’s den but rather into a bear’s den.

259168153526448059fIjudBfqcAfter eating their food, more specifically their porridge, and testing out their beds she found the last bed to be just right and she fell asleep. When thinking about this part I couldn’t help but think of how my sisters and mother would always eat my food. It’s weird and funny to me that most of the women in my life that I hold dear do that to me. Anyway she had  seen something that she wanted and took it, like a little child. At this part one could see the curiosity get the best of her.

When the three bears came home they noticed that things were awry. They noticed that someone had been sampling their porridge and had sat in their chairs. When they went upstairs to the bedroom they noticed that their beds had been messed up and in the little bear’s bed they found the culprit, Silver-Hair.

I feel like this story is a lesson for little kids to not touch what isn’t theirs and to not go into stranger’s houses. Not to mention don’t go and play too far away


2 thoughts on “Analysis of The Three Bears

  1. You do a great job here of starting off your analysis with some actual quotes. That can be really useful for your readers because you are actually showing them what the text means. I am curious about what this story is saying about your subject. How are the bears portrayed? Would the story be the same with a family of hedgehogs? Wolves? How is the author conceiving of bears and what can you say about it that makes us think about bears in a new way? Good job.


  2. I like the connections that you made between the story and your own life. I also like that you started off your analysis with some quotes. I think that is a good way to catch the readers attention. What are you going to portray the bears in your story as?


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