La Llorona Anaylsis

The story I plan to analysis is La Llorona, the urban legend. I am starting with La Llorona because it has several different versions. I plan to start with la Llorona and then bring in the two other versions (Grimm and Supernatural). La Llorona starts off simple with a weeping woman. The weeping woman in the urban legend is used to symbolize cheaters and death. The legend starts off with her walking along a waterside. Which may seem random to us, but to her, it is how she killed her kids and herself. She goes around killing other men that come onto her because her husband had cheated. This is what led her to kill her children and herself. The urban legend is pretty straightforward on why, but a hidden aspect of the kids is not really seen. Some people say that they see the kids before they see the woman. The kids would be the warning of the death that is coming. The tone of this urban legend is scary and gives off a lot of foreshadowing. This urban legend has been rewritten several times and it actually originated in Mexico, which during the beginning of its time was probably used to teach lessons. The urban legend always describes the woman wearing white and walking either by the road or next to bodies of water. This urban legend gave me the feeling of fear and sadness, because the urban legend says she killed herself and her kids. I usually hear of the wife killing herself, or her husband and herself. For the kids to mean warning by showing up before their mother, it gives me some sense that they try. Yet, the woman in the white dress (the mother) still means death is coming and she is the one who is going to take your life. I know when I look at the Grimm (T.V. series) and Supernatural (T.V. series) versions of these stories. They will differ which makes me excited to learn more about how they have been written to fit the modern times as this one started, they keep the same meaning.


2 thoughts on “La Llorona Anaylsis

  1. This is a good start. What does the inclusion of the kids in this story mean? Does it make it more scary or creepy? Why? What is it about children and innocence that seems so strange when coupled with death? What are the ideals that we have of mothers that make this so unnerving? This is a really interesting story. Have you found an actual text? I think quotes from the text will go a long way in helping you analyze this further.

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  2. I have a personal fascination with this story, it is so dark and sad but tells an interesting story. It is so interesting to me that the kids of la Llorona visit those who are next to leave this world as kind of a warning. This story kind of reminds me of this this book I once read about a woman who could see when someone was going to die and she would try to visit them and tell them in some way to prevent the death from occurring but she never could actually prevent a death because its fate and what is meant to happen. Good choice with your story, I enjoyed reading it.


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