3 Analysis

In the CW series Arrow, a man returns home after five years on an island. He survived by means taught to him by a man whom he found there. One of these skills, the bow and arrow is his most prominent and most well known skill, he demonstrates this by throwing tennis balls into the air and shooting them dead center pinning them to a wall before any touch the ground. Later on it goes through the training he went through to use the bow, a very difficult and mentally taxing training, of slapping a bowl of water, until he could slap it without breaking the surface of the water. this took quite a while teaching patience, concentration and devotion while teaching control of emotion, and adding strength. These are qualities that all archers share, in order to use the bow, one must be strong, calm, collected, and free of stressors, they must practice, taking time out of their life to stay proficient. As the story evolves so does the point behind the bow and arrow. Along with the change in meaning there is also a change in imagery. On the island, Oliver Queen had to survive, hunting and self protection were a must, and the arrows he used were wood, feather, and flint. Although simple they took time to make and broke upon contact with most hard things such as bone. Later on after his return to civilization Oliver gets a new bow, and new arrows, no longer needing these arrows to survive, the meaning of them changes to justice. Taking down corrupt business, criminals, and many others, these arrows are steel, with synthetic shafts and fletching. For a long time in history, arrows have been used for both of these, from hunting, to guard stations defending a city. (Arrow 2012)

“Season One, Two, Three, and Four” Arrow. CW. October 10,2012. Television.

One thought on “3 Analysis

  1. This is really interesting. You do a good job of showing the importance of the arrow. For your paper, I would think about going deeper and being more specific. Are there quotes you can find from the show that help support your claims? Specific scenes? I think your meaning making could go even further. What is it about arrows that feels like being on target, that feels goal-oriented? Your connection to justice is really interesting, especially given your connections to Robin Hood. I wonder about drawing this out more. I am thinking about the idea of one’s arrow flying true and hitting one’s target. Good job.


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