Three stories to chose from

The Cremation of Sam McGee told by Robert W. Service

In a nut shell, the Legend of Sam McGee is a poem about two people, Sam McGee and a guy named cap. Both of them were at Sitka on a Cold and stormy Christmas night when Sam leaned over and told his friend that he thought that he was going to freeze to death and Sam had one last dying request. This was for him to be cremated after he was dead and gone, which by the way didn’t take long. When Sam did Freeze to death the story takes a turn telling us about the pain and turmoil that Cap went through not just to get Sam’s body to a boiler but also the emotional pain it gave the him when he went to cremate the frozen body of Sam McGee. After Cap thought that Sam was in the fire long enough he opened the door to the pit and to his surprise Sam McGee smiled back at him and said: “Please close that door. It’s fine in here, but I greatly fear you’ll let in the cold and storm — Since I left Plumtree, down in Tennessee, it’s the first time I’ve been warm.”


Star Wars told by Lucas Films

The story of Star Wars (original 3) can be summed up by saying it is a well-known trilogy about the dysfunctional sky walker family. For sakes of sanity I will only give the summary of episode 4. This story is about a little farmer boy who, due to a few unfortunate circumstances was given the chance to travel the galaxy, save a princess from an evil leader who has a face that resembles a messed up bug, and return to blow up the base where the princess was kept. After all, previously stated was said and done. The little farmer boy was rewarded for his heroism by being given a mettle of honor. Granted a lot more happened in between but I’m running out of space.


Little red riding hood told by loony tunes

This version of “Little Red” is much like any other version of little red riding hood except for three things. Little red is aggressively annoying, the wolf is only interested in what is in the basket that little red brought, and bugs Bunny is in that basket. Basically the story is divided in to three parts.

  1. Little red brings the food and the wolf boots out Red so he can eat in peace
  2. The wolf and the food in the basket fight it out and play lengthy games of chase (with random interruptions from red)
  3. Red becomes so annoying that both the wolf and the food in the basket go after her.


Each of these stories are vastly different in many ways but each have to do with my theme of exploration. The cremation of Sam McGee first of all isn’t really a story that can be told in very many ways. But it does represent the myths and legends of people traveling with in Alaska. Star Wars is obviously about exploration because, well, let’s face it, if the little farmer boy didn’t explore we wouldn’t have any story to tell. Little red riding hood on the other hand is up for debate. I was going to say something like traveling to grandma’s house, but Bugs seems to take up the entire video exploring the limits of the wolf (torture).

Let me know in the comments below if there is a version of these stories that you prefer over the versions that I listed.

Looney tunes Little red (if your daring)





3 thoughts on “Three stories to chose from

  1. This is an unexpected mix of stories. I think it will be easier to do a deep textual analysis of Star Wars if you pick a particular scene or even just one movie. This way you can go into detail about the images, plot lines and dialog. You might want to think about including a more traditional version of LRRH with this Looney Tunes version so that you can really compare and talk about what’s interesting about it.

    PS: Thanks for including the link to the Little Red Riding Hood story.
    PPS: Double-check your citations. Mr. The Editors of the Poetry Foundation did not write “The Cremation of Sam McGee.” Robert Service did!


  2. I think this is all very interesting, I have never heard of the first story before but it sounds like an emotionally draining story for the main character. These are three very very different stories with different backgrounds. Did you end up doing these stories for your project or did you change the stories? I hope that your story turned out well, I believe it did because you’re pretty creative and seem to know what you’re doing and talking about. You could have also used the little red riding hood version with Hoodwinked.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To answer the question of whether I used these stories or not, I used the story of little red riding hood and diched the other two. Basically what I did was use LRRH and found three variations of the story to tell my own version. I decided not to go with the other two because I realized that there are not very many different versions of those stories. and there is only one Sam McGee story that I know of. As for Hoodwinked, that was a good suggestion that probably would have made my project easier because of how quirky and unique the story is. but sadly I didn’t take that movie in to consideration (I forgot about it) when choosing my stories.
      Thanks for the comment!


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