Blog Post 2

Cassidy Heaton

My first story is called Northern Lights: Saulteaux tale it is about a small child who is brave enough to ask her old Baba about the green clouds in the sky. The child soon finds out that those green clouds are not clouds, but they are spirits her Baba tells her. They are spirits of loved ones that come out to dance when someone has passed. The child is confused and asks her Baba why they aren’t in heaven. Her Baba says that they are in heaven and they are just dancing to help the people find their way. That is why they are moving around, and each time the color changes it is a different spirit. Baba also says to the small child not to whistle at the Eagle and the Buffalo or they will come and take you away. Don’t be afraid, just don’t whistle at them is what Baba tells the small child.

“Native American Stories.” – Northern Lights: Saulteaux Tale. Wattpad, n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2016.

The second story that I found is called The Legend of the Northern Lights which is about salmon that are swimming in darkness, they have lost their way. A polar bear appears and tells them to swim upstream to look for the light of the North Star and to swim to the top of the Great Mountain where they will find their eternal home in an eternal river. Some of the salmon listened to the polar bear but others fled in terror. If you look upward and onward said the polar bear you can conquer the Great Mountain. Those who began the journey gained more strength and courage and end up making it. They are happy, then they wonder what will happen to the others who didn’t make the journey and wonder what will happen to them. The polar bear appears again and tells them that if the give up their lives and swim into the eternal river then the others will find their way home. So they do, becoming part of the Northern Lights a river of light to guide others away from the darkness.

Smith, Seth Adam. “The Legend of the Northern Lights.” Seth Adam Smith. N.p., 15 Sept. 2014. Web. 10 Feb. 2016.


The last story that I found was reported by the Ernest W. Hawkes in his book, The Labrador Eskimo. He talks about how the northern lights are spirits to guide the dead to the heavens. The whistling and sounds that the northern lights make are to try to communicate with us on earth.

Hawkes, Ernest. “Northern Lights Folklore – Aurora Service (Europe).”Aurora Service Europe. N.p., 14 June 2014. Web. 10 Feb. 2016.


One thought on “Blog Post 2

  1. These are all really interesting stories. What are they saying about the lights? What meaning are they making? Why are they important? Make sure you give some thought to who the author of each of these stories is and why they are telling the story. I think this will make your project stronger. I hope that helps!


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