The Story of the Three Bears by Robert Southey

In one of the original writings of the story commonly known today as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we see the story from a different light. First off, there is no Goldilocks but in her place is a girl called Silver-hair. Not to mention that the three bears in this story are not a papa, mama, and baby but rather they are three bachelor bears of differing sizes. The bears are supposed to be peaceful and amiable and the elderly lady is more a curious wanderer.

Southey, Robert. “”The Three Bears”.” Fairy Tales and Other Traditional Stories. Lit2Go Edition. 0. Web. <>. February 11, 2016.



Goldilocks and the Three Bears by “Grimm Brothers”

In this version we find that Goldilocks is an imprudent rash girl and that the bears are a family. The Papa, Mama, and Baby are out to meet with a family of beavers to see their new baby. In the end of the story the bears or “teddy bears” as they were called caught Goldilocks and when Goldilocks was running off, Baby bear called her back and they became friends. After brief research I figured out that the Brothers Grimm didn’t write this. The Teddy Bear hadn’t even been invented yet at the time of the Brothers passing.

“Tales from the Brothers Grimm.” 20. GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS. Web. 11 Feb. 2016. <;.


Survival Story: Surviving a Grizzly Attack in Glacier National Park

        This story is a recounting of when a man and his daughter was on a hiking trail and got attacked by a Grizzly that was protecting her cubs. Reading this story both was sad and inspirational to me because of the acts the father took to draw the attention of the bear away from his daughter. However, the reason I read this was to better understand just how dangerous a bear can be. They are deadly animals and should be given their space. Tying it into the story of the Three Bears, Goldilocks/Silver-hair wasn’t that wise in going into a bear’s home. They are protective and dangerous. They aren’t really teddy bears and people should not mistake them as such.

Cederborg, Julie. “Survival Story: Surviving a Grizzly Attack in Glacier National Park – Backpacker.” Backpacker. 2008. Web. 11 Feb. 2016. Told by Johan and Jenna Otter



One thought on “Bears

  1. This is a really interesting mix of stories. I love the inclusion of the survival story. It lends a bit of credibility and reality to the Goldilocks story. What are the differences between the first two stories? What does it mean that the first one is an old lady? How does that compare to Goldilocks? Why would they change the character? This is on track to be a really interesting project. Good job.


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