Arrows and Justice.

I have chosen three stories to include into my blog. The tv show Arrow, the Legend Of Robin Hood, and the Marvel character Hawkeye. All of these stories have one major thing in common, their weapon of choice, the bow and arrow. First let me summarize these stories, starting with Arrow.

In the show Arrow, Oliver Queen, the son of a billionaire gets shipwrecked on an island. he survives there along with the help from an ex-chinese military officer. This officer trains him in the ways of survival, and an enemy force constantly causes trouble on the island. After five years Oliver Queen returns home with one thing in mind, to save his city from the corruption in big business. (Arrow 2012)

Robin Hood, a fearless outlaw, stole from the rich and gave to the poor. But not only did he take money from the rich, he also took their lives. An un avoidable cruelty in medieval times. Also trained in swordplay Robin or Robert prefers the sophistication of the bow and arrow. (Britannica 2014)

Hawkeye, although a marvel character, Hawkeye has no superpowers. He was trained from an early age in acrobatics, swordplay, and use of many weapons including his favorite, you guessed it, the bow and arrow. Being adopted by a circus after being orphaned as a child Hawkeye was trained by the circus, outlaws, and anyone else he could find to teach him. After killing his parents murderer, he became a vigilante, protecting people and stopping corruption. (Jensen 2012)

Besides their love of the same weapon, what do these fictional characters have in common? All of these characters seem to fight for one goal, making the world a better place, helping people and ending corruption from murder, to greed, and in many cases both can be solved with an arrow. That exact point is where they differ. Robin Hood killed, whether he was bad at diplomacy or that was all he knew, Robin Hood killed. Hawkeye killed many people before joining S.H.I.E.L.D. After joining he was forced to follow orders and ended his vigilante career, and ended up on the Avengers team for global protection. Oliver Queen or Arrow has a very strict moral code. If a life could be saved he would try to save it at all costs. He never took a life unless it was absolutely necessary. They all may fight for justice, but they all have their own means, yet the same tools.



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One thought on “Arrows and Justice.

  1. You bring up some interesting connections here. Why is it that these characters who use arrows are also interested in justice? What is the connection there? This could lead you down some interesting paths. I like variety of sources you chose, but also it might be difficult to do a deep textual analysis on a whole season of a TV show. Think about narrowing it down to one or two episodes so that you can get down to the level of the imagery and the dialog and make meaning from those things. This will also be difficult to do with an encyclopedia entry. Also, the source that you chose for Hawkeye is not a retelling in itself but a summary of the character. Can you find actual texts that tell the story of Hawkeye and Robin Hood?


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