The subject I’m going to write about is Whales, specifically how they important they were (and are) to the Native Alaskans. There are several stories related to whales, however despite my digging I wasn’t able to find any with multiple versions. The stories I did find talked about a range of things, from one man dragging one from the sea into his village, to an origin story for Killer Whales, to a story about how a Raven killed a whale.


2 thoughts on “Whales

  1. This is a good idea because marine mammals seem to always have a special place in the human imagination. This is definitely going to take more research. What particular stories are you looking at? What are the titles and who wrote them? Which Native Alaskan groups do they come from? Which kinds of whales are you talking about? Only killer whales? I think that with a little bit more research, you could have a much stronger idea of where you are going and the meaning you will be making.


  2. I really like the idea of your topic with the whales. If you can’t find any information about how they are related to Native Americans than I suggest that you might want to find a different idea regarding the topic whales. Otherwise I think that this will be a very cool topic once you find the right information!


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