The Three Bears

One, two, three, why does this number always show up in stories? Three is a number that seems to come into play a lot, for instance the Big Three: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. In all of the pictures I took, I became to notice it’s prevalence. There were the three bears in the one exhibit, then there are three different main types of bears: brown, black, and polar, then there were the three spoons. Due to the repetition of the number three I decided to focus my blog on the exhibit of the three brown bears.

Thus for my project I was thinking of doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mainly because of the three bears and secondly for the irony behind the gold spoons and the name Goldilocks. In my research I came across just how much the story has fluctuated, in the Grimm’s version Goldilocks was more of a “haughty” girl that in her endeavors was saying stuff like how ugly the Bear’s house was and then in the end she become friends with Baby Bear. Baby Bear himself was portrayed as being a bully with no friends until he became friends with Goldilocks and not as a weak bear that had a high pitched baby voice. In more of the modern stories being told it is more as if Goldilocks is a curious villager that gets frightened when they find her in the bed and she runs away to never cross paths with the bears again. Another difference is in Grimm’s the family of bears were going to the Beaver’s house to go see their new baby and the food that was cooling was pudding. In the modern stories they are merely going for a walk in the forest while the porridge is cooling. I want to figure out why people would change the story, also hopefully I can come across more reasons why the number three is such a widely used number.


2 thoughts on “The Three Bears

  1. While reading this I was very curious, because I myself, almost picked the bears. I like how you noticed that three was a common number even in the exhibits and some stories. You could also search for the movies that include Goldilocks and The Three Bears, I am pretty certain that there are at least two different versions of the movie. I believe that figuring out the meaning behind the number three will be rather difficult, so to start I would first determine where your story originated from and then search for the meaning of three in that culture. I am interesting in reading your research as you continue and I’m excited to see what you do with this project.


  2. This is a good proposal. It is clear that you’ve done some research and you are informing your audience of things they may not have noticed or known before reading this. This is a great way to engage and make the blog post interesting. I think you will find a lot of connections with the number three. It happens often in religious contexts (the Trinity, the three wise men) and in many fairy tales, the protagonist will come across three trials or foes. Good job, and your use of the picture is great.


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