Stones throughout stories




The subject that I am interested in researching is any story that include stones. When I saw the stones with the petroglyphs it reminded me of the Moai faces in the middle East. I have always wondered about the stories and reasoning behind the process of making those great mysteries. Another architectural wonder, that is very similar, is the ancient Stonehenge in England. The Stonehenge consists of a ring of standing stones that seem to have no real use, but has been a topic of debate recently. Since it is such a mystery, many people are interested in the different reasoning and connections between very different concepts.

The questions that I hope to answer with my project is what connections could be made between different stories with the topic of stones. Not just being confined to the idea of stones as in rocks, but also precious stones and jewels. Some of the stories that I could include are; the story of Medusa, stone soup, etc. The connections between different architectural wonders, myths, and fairy tales will add a new concept to the museum that will hopefully leave an impression on the viewer.


2 thoughts on “Stones throughout stories

  1. I love this idea and how you are wanting to proceed with it. If you really want to throw in a twist you could use the fact that the Stonehenge in England is possibly used to determine time and even weather. Some stones such as the precious ones that you are wanting to discover more about usually have a link to weather or spiritual factors from the gods to the animal spirit of the people. I am excited to read more about your research as you progress because, I think it will be rather interesting how you and many other interpret the stones you have picked.


  2. This is an excellent idea! I think that the variety of stories that you are looking at (Medusa, Stone Soup, etc) will make for very, very interesting connections. From here, it would be a good idea to start researching some of these stories and seeing what kinds of connections you can find that are interesting to you. Which particular versions of these stories will you use? How will you choose? Right now, this idea is a little bit nebulous, but I think with a little more definition and direction it could be very powerful.


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