Romulus And Remus: The Wolf Connection

For my semester project I am going to write about the tale of Romulus and Remus focusing a lot on the connection with what I observed at the museum: wolves.1159045_f260

When I was in 6th grade in Wisconsin, I had a social studies teacher who was quite enthusiastic about Greek/Roman mythology. I recall an entire unit dedicated to learning various Greek/Roman myths with Romulus and Remus being featured. Ever since then I have been fascinated with how mythology works and its significance to the Roman/Greek culture. I believe this will be a fascinating topic to a general audience because while most people know the general legend behind Romulus and Remus, my retelling will attempt to delve deeper and perhaps offer a new perspective people maybe hadn’t considered. Specifically I am going to look at the possibility that Romulus and Remus had the ability to transform between human and wolf at will.


One of the overall goals for my project is to debunk the theory that wolves are ruthless killing machines. My hope is that the classic American Hollywood engineered image of wolves or werewolves as crazy, bloodthirsty, uncontrollable beasts will instead be replaced by images of fierce yet intelligent and restrained aggression/assertiveness. For my retelling I will be pulling from  Native American legends of wolves, European legends of werewolves, and from Roman mythology in order to explain the shapeshifting trait. I believe my project will enhance the museum by introducing a new twist on tale of Romulus and Remus. Admittedly while this project does not strictly relate to Alaska, it is still historical and cultural exposure nonetheless which in its own way makes it significant.





One thought on “Romulus And Remus: The Wolf Connection

  1. This is a very good idea. I love the personal connection that you make in this post. It’s a great way of presenting yourself as an author who is curious and engaged. This definitely helps to draw your reader in. You have a lot you can do with this, since you are thinking about looking at wolves from so many perspectives. When it gets closer to time to write your project, I would think about getting more specific. Which version(s?) of the Romulus and Remus story will you look at? Which Native American legends? I think it is fine that your projects don’t relate specifically to Alaska. This will help museum goers connect the Alaska-specific things they see in the museum to the world Outside. Good work!


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