Monsters Unleashed

When we were kids and had just moved out of our parents’ bedroom into our own bedroom, we feared the one creature that may or may not have existed, The “Boogie Man”. While walking around the museum, I saw a picture that was untitled and painted by Lori Taschler. I was looking up her artwork which was supposed to be humorous and shUntitled Lori Taschlerowing everyday actions in modern times, but the picture in the museum looked like depression met with death. As I pulled up more of her paintings, I discovered that at least four had the same tall, black, skinny no faced figure. I wanted to build off of the death factor with urban legends, from the boogie man that lives in your closet or under your bed, to the white lady that roams the highway in search of men to kill. I picked this topic because the urban legends in many cultures are never ending and include so many details that if combined could create a horrific story, and I enjoy a good thriller. I wouldn’t just create a story though; I would bring urban legends from other cultures into aspect. I want to be able to show that one image can have many telling’s.

Now, because of so many urban legends, I am able to take several retellings and combine them to create the monsters unleashed. No, not Scooby Doo, but the monsters that we hear about in urban legends from around the world that we fear. There are many urban legends that include death, and I want to take some to create a sort of monsters unleashed, as if we can see them in our everyday lives. This may be a weird aspect, but as children we viewed these urban legends as monsters or jokes and their killings as mysteries. Japan and China have the urban legend of the Slit-Mouthed Women who wonders the town asking if she is beautiful and much more. Our nightmares are suggested to be things we have actually seen, so what if these urban legends are actual stories in different cultures.






3 thoughts on “Monsters Unleashed

  1. You might look into nightmare on elm street. He practically is the embodiment of the “Boogie Man” I think your topic is interesting, and I think it will be cool to read in the end.

    P.S. don’t leave anything out.

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  2. This is a fascinating idea and I think it will hold a lot of appeal for people. Your audience will definitely be engaged! I think you need to start trying to find very specific versions of the story. You are totally free to use films, like T suggested. One thing that might be difficult about this is finding scholarly research that you can use to relate to your topic. I know there is work out there on this, but it might take a little more work to find. I would start by focusing in on one or two stories and seeing what you find from there.

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  3. I loved how you focused on something so dark. Many people tend to look at the brighter side of things which may be healthy but isn’t realistic. It isn’t all butterflies and flowers. There is bad in the world. I like the idea of looking at different myths and stories related to your thriller aspect. Also the title is pretty cool.


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